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     Make sure your good idea is a unique idea. Easy-Patent is here to perform your prior art searches and to investigate how an invention shines amongst the competition.

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    Patentability Search Service

    Whether you need a search for your client, or you are a business producing intellectual property, we offer an affordable, thorough Patentability Search Service. Our search style is unique. When we find a relevant piece of art, we don’t just list its number. Documents and patents are carefully read through, and relevant passages are cited in the report for your convenience. Our searches and reporting will exceed your expectations. This Patentability Search Service gives a thorough collection of prior art findings from US, Canadian, European and other international patent databases, as well as non-patent literature.  


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    Invalidity Search Service

    Your client or business may need to invalidate another patent. We offer an invalidity research service to help explore and expose strategic prior art documents both in patent and non-patent literature. Because we read over and carefully analyze text, we can discover crucial aspects to support your case. Our specialty is in the research and reporting. We leave the legal opinions to your team’s expertise.


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    Freedom to Operate Search Service

    Before bringing a product to market, your client or business needs to know whether they are infringing upon any enforceable patents. Easy-Patent investigates patent databases in requested jurisdictions, covering wherever the product is intended to be sold.  In researching the product, we will report upon patents that are active, abandoned, or expired, for your legal assessment.

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    Licensees Search Service

    Your business may want to profit from its intellectual property through selling or licensing. Easy-Patent can research and report relevant contact information for your convenience, along with providing a summary of other companies’ focuses. This helps in side-stepping the general contact forms, and gets you closer to the people making decisions.

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  • Affordable Patent Search

    The Easy-Patent Story

    Patent Research


    Easy-Patent works with law firms and businesses in providing excellent searches. With our services, law firms can offer their clients affordable options for well researched work. Likewise, we offer competitive bulk rates to businesses for their long-term IP research needs. We see ourselves as part of your team.
    Prior Art Search


    Easy-Patent has a wide technological background. Here’s a tasting menu of technologies: Mechanical & Electrical engineering; Optics & Photonics; Nanotech & Emerging Technologies; Computer Science & Software; IT & Telecom; Physics & Semiconductors; Medical devices, etc. plus a lot more. Contact us.
    Patent Search Canada

    Canadian Company

    International Focus
    Easy-Patent works with global businesses, international law firms, local businesses, startups and sole inventors. Being situated in the nation's capital of Ottawa (near the Canadian Patent Office), we're a local company for many of our clients, while also just a phone call away for those located around the world.
    Patent Analyst Zsolt Samson

    Dr. Zsolt Sámson

    Hi, my name is Zsolt. I’m an easy-going guy who’s proud of his growing company. I’m a professional researcher with a Ph.D. in physics and experience in IP, with a love for science, product development and patent analysis. As founder of Easy-Patent, it’s my goal that every report exceeds your expectations.
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